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  • Sold in two days
    From: Linda K.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the photos for my listings. I believe that what sells a home is the way it is presented in photography. I had the pleasure of having my photo shoot done by you. My homes sold in two days because of your photos. The buyers of the homes told me that the pictures of the home were what made them come see the house. Again, thank you Julian for assisting me in selling my listings faster! Your photography is exceptional!

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  • Extremely happy with the virtual tour and photos
    From: Laurie S.

    I thought I would take the time out to send a nice email to all of you. This agent just called (First time using the service) and he is extremely happy with the virtual tour and photos. According to his homeowner, he enforced to me Julian was very professional and they were all very happy with his photos and enjoyed meeting him.

    I thought I would let you know the agent also explained, he will be using us again Smile.

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  • Doing really great work
    From: Natasha T.

    You shot some photos for Hameed Dhirani on 115 Lady Fenrose Avenue. He was really very pleased with the photos that you took. He asked if he could request you for his tours (in Toronto and York Region) and I told him that was your territory. He was ecstatic about that. He was also really impressed that you phoned him so quickly after he placed the order.

    I thought I would also let you know that Walter Wei really liked your photography as well. He asked for you specifically when he placed his new order today.

    You’ve been doing really great work, thank you!